Cheltenham Plan Pre-Submission consultation

Pre-Submission Cheltenham Plan

18 Renewable Energy and Low Carbon Energy Development


18.1 Joint Core Strategy (JCS) Policy INF5 provides the framework for assessing the majority of renewable energy proposals that may come forward. However, as the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires that wind energy developments should be considered at district level, it falls to the Cheltenham Plan to consider this particular matter further.


18.2 The Renewable Energy Study produced for Gloucestershire County Council by Entec in 2010 considered there to be very little potential for renewable energy generation from wind, given the built-up nature of the district. For this reason, no further work has been undertaken on this matter since the Entec study.

18.3 As a result, and given the unlikelihood of wind energy proposals coming forward in future, the Cheltenham Plan does not include a policy that relates to wind energy generation, nor does it seek to identify sites that may be suitable for harnessing the wind energy resource.