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Response Date 27 Mar 2018
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Policy GT1:  

 From the text it can be gathered that, in the absence of other sites despite its current conditioned location in the AONB, it would be very handy to designate the Castle Dream Stud as the one gypsy and traveller site required to fulfil the requirements of the Cheltenham Plan, with that one further pitch required by 2031.


Site History and Questions for the Future

It sounds as though the Borough will give full permission for the site. How would this be organised, knowing the history of the site?   

-The land is in the AONB

-The land was bought by a gypsy family. They moved on to the site in breach of planning and set up a yard.

-They were refused planning permission on grounds of harm to the AONB, appealed and the Inspector gave a temporary three year personal, restrictively-conditioned, permission to the head of the household, based on a claim there had to be 24/7 care for their horses, this need outweighing harm to the AONB. The horses are long gone.

-Once they no longer needed the site they were supposed to leave and return the site to its former AONB condition, but a further 3-year and then a 5-year temporary permission have been awarded by the Borough Council, the temporary permissions still personal and still conditioned.

-If the site is now made permanent, will restrictive conditions still apply?

-Will it be a personal permission as before, limiting occupation to the existing family?

-Should the family no longer need it, will the land be restored to its original state?

-If not, what does the Borough envisage?

-Will the site be able to be sold on?

-Will the Borough have any control then of future occupants?

-Will there be a risk that change of use to residential will be sought?

-All these questions and others should be answered and legally documented to make the Submission sound and so that the AONB will be protected from any permanent adverse developments. PAGE 3/5


Recommendation that the greenfield site to north west of Gypsy yard remains undeveloped

I firmly agree with the advice given in Topic Paper Allocated Sites and Visual Review GT1

 that, to retain its AONB qualities, the greenfield element of the site, northwest of the yard and its buildings, should not be developed.

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