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Response Date 09 Apr 2018
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I was horrified when I saw the Gypsy/ Traveller site (in Mill Lane, Charlton Kings) on the land use map associated with the Town Plan, with no mention of the fact that it has permission as a TEMPORARY site only. I attended the Planning Committee Meeting on 20th April 2017, and the general opinion was sympathetic to --, and they extended her temporary permission for a further 5 years, with a distinct provision that a COUNCIL Gypsy/Traveller site should be fount to comply with Government guide lines, as soon as possible. The minutes of the meeting will verify that a number of Councillors urged Planning Officers to make sure they located a Council-run PERMANENT site for Travellers and Gypsies. This PRIVATE site in Mill Lane (for -- and her dependents only) situated as it is in the AONB, should in no way be a “let out” for Cheltenham Borough. It is my view and the view of the Planning Committee 20th April ’17, that a Traveller/ Gypsy site over which they would have control, and not rely on the private site in Mill Lane, which was established without any planning permission in the first place. If the proposed Town Plan is approved and the site in Mill Lane becomes permanent, then this would be a travesty and an insult to the Planning Committee who debated this at length and reached a ‘Temporary’ decision.
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