Cheltenham Plan Pre-Submission consultation

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Response Date 09 Apr 2018
Do you consider the document is Legally Compliant? Yes
Do you consider the document is Sound? No

15 Transport Network
Swindon Parish Council find the proposals contained within the plan unsound as it does
not address the complex issues of the transport infrastructure resulting from the
development proposals for the NW Cheltenham or the impact that the transport will have
on the wider transport network.
These issues and the concerns of Swindon Parish Council have already been outlined in
previous submitted responses on the Cheltenham plan and the JCS. This latest version of
the Cheltenham plan has not effectively accounted for these issues and addressed
previously raised concerns.
The latest transport update from the JCS has not yet been received and Swindon Parish
council believe that it is an important document and therefore required if a fully informed
transport infrastructure is to be produced. Swindon Parish Council cannot support the
Urban extensions that are proposed; especially at North West and West Cheltenham until
detailed and robust plans have been clearly set in place which include specific traffic
alleviation measures for the Tewkesbury Road and the area in and around Swindon Village
and Swindon Parish, the impact of the proposed development traffic on Princess Elizabeth
Way and on the area from the lower high street up to and including the M5 Motorway.

What changes do you suggest to make the document legally compliant or sound? The inclusion of a clear Plan detailing the transport infrastructure and management changes to be made with a detailed programme that is in accordance with the JCS and that takes into account the known developments with specific references to the larger extensions proposed at North West Cheltenham and West Cheltenham. The Plan should inform the discussions and should provide the structure that controls the design proposals for larger developments such as the proposed urban extensions and it should be in place before their development can commence.
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