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Response Date 09 Apr 2018
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From a purely personal and local attitude to the proposals of the Town Plan, I am extremely concerned that the private Gypsy site in Mill Lane, Charlton Kings is shown on the development map as a proposed traveller site, implying that it would be a permanent site for unnamed traveller families.

[Redacted due to inclusion of personal data]

In all this time, there was a permission for named applicants only, an if at some stage they left the site and moved away, the site was to be returned to its original state as a pasture field. This condition was repeated at each stage by CBC.

CBC have to provide one, if not two, official sites for the area, they cannot slide out of this obligation by attempting to convert this small, privately owned site in the AONB into a much larger, official site complete with toilets, washrooms etc. as can be seen on other sites in the locality.

The Planning Committee, when they recently granted [the occupier] permission for 5 years, castigated CBC for not putting more effort into finding a permanent site in the Borough, and certainly not in the AONB.

To retain any credibility whatsoever, CBC must stick to what they have said several times before and keep this site as a small one which will be returned to a pasture field as soon as [the occupier] vacates the property. In the meantime, CBC must redouble any efforts they have made in the past to find a suitable official site.

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