Cheltenham Plan Pre-Submission consultation

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Response Date 09 Apr 2018
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As section 14 and section 12 comments. The Local Plan and emerging LTP from the JCS requires much greater detailed analysis work before it can be considered sound.

Long stay car park

How are retail and commercial business to thrive in the town centre when access policies are being
restricted, by an over-congested road network, an out-of-town train station, expensive buses and
restricted parking? This policy will destroy the town centre and encourage business relocation to
outlying areas of Cheltenham/elsewhere in Gloucestershire which are easily accessible. There are
no proactive provisions in this policy. The cost of two bus fares from The Reddings into Cheltenham
(Stagecoach P&R) exceeds parking costs; family travel is far more cost effective by car. Adequately
subsidise local public transport, as many other areas of the UK and other countries do (and abolish
parking charges at evenings and weekends) if a modal shift is required. This policy proposed by
CBC is myopic, focusing only on single car journeys, it is punitive, cash generating, anti-business
and reactive. A pro-active policy is required. Significant bus fare subsidies will encourage people
onto public transport, reduce congestion and fumes. Once bus use increases, the fares generated from
the full buses, will allow the service to become self-sustaining and/or to expand and attract more
users. It is a sustainable model and will be more economic and pragmatic than the proposed P&R

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