Cheltenham Plan (Part One): Preferred Options

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Alex Smith Yes 08 Feb 2017 19:40
Alice Ross Really yes to everything apart from a comment needed to be added to 2.3 Vision Theme c) on natural environment and biodiversity:
Add to 2.3 b) 'with particular reference to the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
REASON: The designation is part of Natural England's remit; the CRoW Act requires the Borough to conserve and enhance the AONB; it's more important than just the very vague words now used in 2.3 b) and most of the other natural designations round Cheltenham
16 Mar 2017 14:45
Alice Ross No 16 Mar 2017 14:45
Caroline Parnham Particularly agree with Theme C. 21 Mar 2017 08:51
Caroline Parnham Yes 21 Mar 2017 08:51
Daniel Papworth I am concerned that Vision Theme A does not specifically recognise the value of NATURE to healthy communities. There are very few green spaces in the town, and those that exist are isolated islands that make the free movement of wildlife too limited.

Vision Theme B makes no mention of environment or sustainability.

Climate change is the single biggest threat to human life and wellbeing. It needs to be higher on the agenda than Vision Theme C is.

I am fully supportive of Theme C. In addition, public space must remain in public hands. New housing should be to Passivhaus standards and include wildlife in the planning process.
04 Mar 2017 15:10
David Bayne I supports the objectives. But under Theme C would like to see explicit reference to protect the AONB which lies within the Borough. This should be added as an additional objective. 20 Mar 2017 14:03
David Williams Yes 07 Feb 2017 21:40
Deleted User Yes 06 Feb 2017 10:09
Deleted User Ensure that are adequate good quality cycle facilities - not just token efforts. Ensure cycles are allowed in all appropriate areas. 07 Feb 2017 17:05
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