Cheltenham Plan (Part One): Preferred Options

Preferred Options


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Brockhampton Land Consortium (- -) See attached 22 Mar 2017 13:23
David Wilson Homes (- -) GE8B 16 Mar 2017 17:06
David Wilson Homes (- -) We support the approach which has sought to ensure that proposed Local Green Space designations are consistent with the criteria set out by national policy (NPPF).

We also agree that the six identified sites that already benefit from strong policy protection would gain no additional planning protections from LGS designation, and so Option GE8B is preferred. This would be in line with NPPG (Paragraph: 011 Reference ID: 37-011-20140306) which identifies that consideration should be given to the additional local benefit that would be gained from designation as Local Green Space.

We support the fact that LGS designation at Leckhampton has "not been considered by the Cheltenham Plan LGS officer panel at this stage" (Para 5.3.5). This would not be appropriate as this area remains subject to consideration as part of the Joint Core Strategy and any specific designation for this area would be premature in respect of the progress to adoption of this plan. On this basis it is not clear that the area should be included at all, even in the indicative way stated and as schematically shown on the proposals map, as this implies a level of consideration that has not been undertake, as identified by the quoted line above.

Whilst David Wilson Homes has previously acknowledged that some areas within Leckhampton may be appropriate for designation as LGS, this is fundamentally on the basis that such a designation should be made only where the full objectively assessed needs for development have already been met, and with consideration given to future development needs. As NPPF Para 76 makes clear "Identifying land as Local Green Space should….be consistent with the local planning of sustainable development and complement investment in sufficient homes, jobs and other essential services. Local Green Spaces should only be designated when a plan is prepared or reviewed, and be capable of enduring beyond the end of the plan period."

Notwithstanding the current findings of the JCS Inspector the 'white land' at Leckhampton has long been recognised as a location that can help to meet local development needs in a sustainable location, outside of the Green Belt. Previous proposals for inclusion of the land in the Green Belt have been resisted on this basis. It is fundamental that where there is significant local development pressure, a finite source of suitable and sustainable locations/land, and where the release of Green Belt land for development is taking place, that full and effective use should be made of non-Green Belt land resources. The suggestion (by the JCS Inspector) that 200 dwellings is the most appropriate quantum for the Leckhampton land (or a ceiling on the capacity of the area), has not been arrived at based on any specific master planning or other specific evidence related to this scale of development. Rather (and acknowledging that the JCS Inspector's finding have been made based on her own observations) the assessments of Landscape sensitivity that have informed this position have been based on a baseline position that excluded development on the Farm Lane (SD2) site, where development of some 370 dwellings is now underway by Redrow Homes. This fact needs to be appropriately taken into account in determining the best use of this land resource, and in turn any potential LGS designation that can be made. Having regard to both the NPPF requirement to only designate LGS in a way that is consistent with planning for sustainable development, and also in a way that ensures designations can endure beyond the end of any plan period. Designation of those parts of the Leckhampton land that were previously allocated by the Council for strategic scale development is unlikely to be compatible with both of the above considerations (as is necessary), notwithstanding the current findings of the JCS Inspector.
16 Mar 2017 17:06
Taylor Wimpey Strategic Land (- -) [see attached] 20 Mar 2017 16:12
A Baker (Supports green space at Leckhampton) 02 Mar 2017 11:49
A Braddick [Supports local green space at Leckhampton]
How much more of the green spaces will be eaten away after this? I also hope that the build, planning and road structures are in an environmentally sensitive way.
21 Mar 2017 13:20
A Graff [Supports Local Green Space at Leckhampton] 21 Mar 2017 07:52
A Gunning [Supports Local Green Space at Leckhampton] 21 Mar 2017 08:25
A Webb [Supports local green space at Leckhampton]
We wholeheartedly endorse the proposal for Leckhampton Local Green Space designation. We regularly use the footpaths in this area for exercise and to the enjoy the local countryside.
21 Mar 2017 12:54
A. J. Self Too many villages being swallowed up by housing development we want to keep our green spaces
13 Mar 2017 13:33
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